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Life Ionizer 5100
Alkafresh MiniMAX Water Ionizer

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The LIFE 5100 is the most advanced ionizer in its class! This ionizer boasts 5 flat or MESH electrodes and an SMPS power supply (adjusts up to 249 watts). It also contains LIFE Ionizer®’s advanced filtration with dual internal filters and optional custom pre-filtration. 7-year warranty, plus peace of mind 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and includes $300 in Free Bonuses!

Dual Filtration System


Color Options Black, White
Cleaning function Advanced RADC Cleaning System
Display Full Color LED Display
Electrodes (# of Plates) 5
Electrode Style MESH
Filtration Dual Internal, Custom Pre-filter
Flow control Automatic
Installation Counter-top
Power consumption Adjustable up to 249 Watts
ORP Output up to -500
pH Output up to 10+
Protection Automatic Heat Sensor
Power System SMPS (switched mode power supply)
Rated Voltage 110v or 220v
Settings 1 Purified, 4 Acidic, 4 Alkaline
Warranty 7-year warranty
Dimensions 16 x 7 x 8 ¾


LIFE Ionizer 5100

LIFE Ionizer 5100 Water Ionizer - White



LIFE Ionizer 5100 Water Ionizer - Black



LIFE 5100 Replacement Cartridge Filters

LIFE 5100 Replacement Cartridge Filter #1


LIFE 5100 Replacement Cartridge Filter #2


This is the best value in alkaline water ionizer technology today!


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