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Jupiter MicroLite Alkaline Water Ionzer - JP107

The MicroLite has been replaced by the Venus Water Ionizer

Replacement Filters & Accessories for Jupiter MicroLite

Faucet Diverter


Replacement Biostone Filters

Citric Acid Cleaning Cart.

pH Test Kit

Calcium Insert

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Alkaline Water Benefits

Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

The Jupiter MicroLite has had a long reign as the leading low end water ionizer. It has now been replaced by the robust Jupiter Venus. If someone  recommended that you purchase the MicroLite; please note that the Venus is an improvement over the MicroLite. If you are looking for an economically priced high performing unit we suggest that you look at the Venus.

The MicroLite alkaline water ionizer represents a culmination of all the features of its predecessors, the enormously successful Masterpiece and Mavello then some. The MicroLite has been redesigned, to be even more efficient and user-friendly than the Masterpiece and Mavello. More important, MicroLite Ionizer also includes the revolutionary BioStone Far InfraRed filter, which is an example of Jupiter's trend setting innovation in electronic water ionizer design. Jupiter has also incorporated Coral Calcium into the filter.

BioStone Far InfraRed filter:

In addition to filtering out impurities from tap water, the MicroLite water ionizer passes the water through the 'BioStone', a ceramic formed of the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline. Tourmaline NATURALLY emits far infrared energy (FIR) and changes the surface tension of the water, making it easier to process for the ionizer by beginning the negative ion creation process. This increases the antioxidant effect with the alkalinized water, without an accompanying increase in alkalinity. Tourmaline has been researched and found to activate animal & plant metabolism. It incorporates the very latest polymer ion separation technology, which is patented by Jupiter Science. It makes Jupiter Science ionizers capable of the best range of pH and negative antioxidant ions of any system, making this unit at least comparable to any alkaline water ionizer on the market. These new filters will be the standard for all future Jupiter models.

Coral Calcium

It gets better. Jupiter have also incorporated Coral Calcium in the filter. This assists ionization in cases of mineral deficient water. This not so much of an issue in the United States where regular tap water already includes ample amounts of organic calcium. Nevertheless this innovation helps us maintain our calcium balance internally. Calcium has the ability to unite with sodium fluoride and converts it to calcium fluoride, a more benign form of fluoride. As Coral Calcium, it's also the ideal 2:1 mix ratio of calcium and magnesium with a host of essential trace minerals. The MicroLite comes with the new Biostone filter installed. (You also have the option of buying your MicroLite with a regular Jupiter filter). Now take a look at the detailed product specification of the Jupiter MicroLite water ionizer

Jupiter MicroLite Alkaline Water Ionizer Specification

  • 5 Year Warranty on your Jupiter MicroLite.  

  • 5 Settings of water pH to suit every member of the family plus your individual needs

  • Dimensions: 9.75"W x 5.25"D x 13"H

  • Weight: 12 lbs.

  • Sound effects while system cleanses itself

  • Pressure and temperature safety systems ensure peace of mind

  • New look smaller Diverter valve for tap

  • ION LIFE exclusive (optional) hot water protector Diverter valve)

  • Auto water cleansing means you don't wait for water - ever! And you do not have to worry about bacteria buildup.

  • Stylish upright look with full electronic LED panel to
    show you exactly what is happening at any time

  • Slim line styling fits in with your kitchen decor

  • Quick change filter

  • Quality Platinum Coated Titanium ionizing plates

  • Wipe down case

Jupiter MiroLite (JP107) Alkaline Water Ionizer

Jupiter MiroLite Replacement Cartridge Filter

Any one of these filters can be used in the Jupiter MicroLite
International Shipping Information

Biostone Plus Filter Cartridge


Ultra Fine Biostone .01 Micron Filter Cartridger


UltraWater Filter - The Ultimate Filter



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Faucet Diverters For Jupiter Ionizer

Metal Faucet Diverter for Life Ionizer


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 Plastic Inlet & Outlet Hoses

4 foot inlet hose for Jupiter Ionizer


4 foot outlet hose for Jupiter Ionizer



Okinawan Coral Calcium Inserts

This  Calcium embedded in a removable filter is designed to assist in getting higher pH in cases where water may be low in minerals. It lasts about 1 and a half months. Two inserts per pack

Okinawan Coral Calcium Cartridge Inserts


Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge


Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge for Jupiter Ionizers details


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Flexible Metal Discharge Hose

Special Order Item


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Alkaline Water pH Test Kit

Alkaline Water pH Test Kit - details




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