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Pure Porte II
Electrolysis Plate
Cleaning Cartridge
For use with all IE Series, Toyo, Ange,

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This Pure Porte II cleaning cartridge is a must have for all owners of water ionizers made by Toyo Metal in Japan including Millennium, Pure Porte II, and Protec. These were some of the first Microwater ionizers that was marketed in the United States. This means that most customers will have had their machines for at least ten years, so we expect a significant amount of calcium build on the electrolysis plates in these machines. This electrolysis cleaning cartridge will help you get more life out of your water ionizer by cleaning the plates and the internal hoses.

Why is Using The Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge So Important?  

Have you ever used a pot to boil water over and over without washing it? What occurs? A white film begins to build up. Well, this same water is running through your machine and the electrolysis plates your machine works by attracting the calcium and magnesium in your water to itself so it can be ionized. This process will inevitably lead to a build up of calcium on the electrolysis plates just like what you see in that pot. What does this do? This scale build up forms a barrier between the water and the electrolysis plate thereby reducing the effect of the ionization. As this scale accumulates on plates your machine will not be able to make the same quality alkaline water as when you just bought it. Even though every machine has an automatic cleaning cycle, over time it is not enough to control the calcium build up on the plates. If this calcium build up continues and your water ionizer is not effectively cleaned it will have trouble making alkaline water and even worse the calcium build up could get hardened over time.

The basic idea behind using the this cleaning cartridge is to have the acid media in the cartridge mix with some water and move from the cartridge to the electrolysis chamber of your ionizer. This can be achieved by installing the cleaning cartridge filter, then turn on the tap for a short period. Once water start flowing through the flexible metal discharge hose, turn off the tap. Allow the acid water to sock and dissolve any calcium build up on the electrolysis plates. Let sit for a few hours and then flush by running water for three to five minutes. Install your regular cartridge filter and enjoy alkaline water. See more detailed instructions below:

How often or when should you use the cleaning cartridge?
Clean the unit every 3 to 6 months, especially:

  1. If you find small white particles mixed in with the alkaline water (microwater or Kangen Water).

  2. When the pH level fails to vary in accordance with the unit's setting, as measured by pH indicator liquid.

  3. When the alkaline water comes out sparingly, stops, or when drops of white liquid after using the unit.

Caution: Be certain to shut off the faucet and turn off the unit before beginning cleaning. Be certain to unplug the unit before beginning. Failure to do so could result in serious damage.

Cleaning Cartridge Instructions

1. Remove the main unit's water filter cover, unscrew the water filter holder, and remove the regular filter cartridge.

2. Insert the electrolysis cleaning cartridge and secure it with the water filter holder

3. Plug the end of the secondary acid run off hose with the hose stopper.

4. Bend the white flexible pipe up so that it is higher than the main unit.

5. Turn on just enough water so that it drips from the end of the flexible metal hose. After allowing it to run (drip) for a minute, then turn off the tap and let sit for 3 to 5 hours. You can also let it sit  over night.

6. Return the flexible metal hose to its original down position and unstop the secondary acid run off hose.

7. Turn on the water and let it run for 5 to 10 minutes.

8. Turn of the water and in the same as instructions 1 and 2 replace the cleaning cartridge with the regular filter cartridge. After the regular filter cartridge is installed run the water for 1 to 3 minutes.

9. Replace the water filter cover, plug the water ionizers back in, and cleaning is finished.

10. After cleaning, there is a chance that some calcium could appear in the water. In such a case, please discard that water.

The citric acid being used in this cartridge is a common food additive, and poses no health risks.

Caution: The cleaning cartridge can only be used once. A new cleaning cartridge must be used each time cleaning is conducted.

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Pure Porte II Cleaning Cartridge

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