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Jupiter Aquarius Water Ionizer JP108

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Alkaline Water Benefits

Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

KYK Genesis 25000 Jupiter Melody IE-500 IE-400 Life Ionizer 4000 Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer
KYK Genesis Melody IE-500 IE-400 IE-300  Chanson Violet LIFE 4000 Chanson Eden Jupiter Venus

Please note that the Aquarius and the Orion are identical except for the outer cover.

There is a video circulating on the internet comparing the Jupiter Aquarius with the Tyent and the Leveluk SD501. In this video the presenter made a point that the flow rate should be the same to have an unbiased comparison. This is true, but if you make note of the time he took to fill the glass with water from the Tyent you will see that it took longer. This meant that water flowed over the plates in the Tyent much slower, giving that water more opportunity to be ionized than the other two. Most customers will not notice this unless it is pointed out as we are doing hear. We deplore these under handed tactics that only confuse the customer. We are here to keep the competitors honest, and to lobby on the customer's behalf concerning any after sale issue. This is why we are the best place to buy your water ionizer from. There is more to buying a water ionizer than pH and ORP numbers. In fact the comparison video we have referenced proves this point very well seeing that there was not much difference between the three machines tested.

Here are some things to consider. A company don't get to be number one in ionizers sales by selling a product that doesn't deliver. Jupiter has one the best customer support and warranty fulfillment operations in the water ionization business. Another thing to consider is that results and durability are more important than features. It doesn't matter that a water ionizer or a car for that matter has a zillion features, but it is unable to produce the basic product that you are buying it for in the first place. Both the Jupiter Aquarius and the Orion delivers consistent results; high pH, negatively charged alkaline water that has helped several people achieve optimal health and vitality.

With the Jupiter Aquarius, you get a truly elegant water ionizer that is a work of art. It looks beautiful and performs well. If you don't need a machine that produces super acid water, but you are in the market for a high-end state of the art alkaline water ionizer that is durable, reliable, and beautiful with all the bells and whistles, then the Aquarius is what you are looking for.

Features of the Jupiter Aquarius JP108

Distinctive Exterior Design:
Everyone likes the beautiful floral steal design of the Aquarius. It will add a new dimension to your kitchen, and blend in perfectly in any kitchen design. Jupiter has made technology temptingly beautiful, but beauty as you will see take a back seat to their other great features.

This is probably the most significant improvement and one that will set the Aquarius apart from all the others! In the USA the water supply can vary a lot from state to state. Because of this difference in source water, different ionizers at the same alkaline settings will produce different alkaline levels. Now in the new Jupiter Aquarius there is a patented SOL valve and triple diaphragms that adjusts the water flow automatically. This means that you now get the correct pH level no matter what your input water is, or if there is a change in your water pressure or flow rate. This feature also helps to reduce the build up of scale and this helps to keep your ionizer in top working condition.

DARC - Anti-Scale Technology:
These new units include the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature completely removes any scale from the electronic cell helping to make sure your ionizer stays in top working condition.


Jupiter Science has been making water ionizers since 1982 and before that were making medical equipment. Their research department is constantly at work looking at how to improve performance without having to increase power consumption or take up extra room with a bulky ionizing chamber. In their latest models are five of the most advanced platinum-titanium electrodes in the world. When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area without having to increase the size. This improvement ensures the optimal pH and ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) levels. 

Ease of Use:
The easy to read digital indicator tells you the remaining water filter life. Optimum performance is ensured by always changing your filter on time. In addition to the digital counter, a new indicator light will flicker when your current filter life is up, reminding you to change your filter. Also your Aquarius comes with an enhanced convenience in filter replacement - the spring-loaded filter housing makes it a snap to replace your filter. Your new ionizer also has an attractive colored LCD display that easily identifies your selections. Easy to understand symbols and colors identify the type and level of water you have selected. A voice indicator that alerts you to your selection of alkaline, acidic or purified water. You can adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON/OFF as you desire.

MICOM Technology:
The MICOM control system optimizes the pH and ORP of your water and helps keeps your ionizer in top working condition. A new indicator light alerts you if service is needed on your ionizer.

Biostone Filtration System:
The state of the art Biostone filter represents one the most advanced filtration devices in the water ionization industry. This filter achieves a .01 micron level of filtration to remove harmful contaminants such as chlorine, rust, odor, bacteria while allowing beneficial minerals to pass through. The activated carbon in the filter comes from the UK and is NSF certified. The natural mineral calcium in the filter comes from Japan and is certified by the Japanese Government. The Ceramic Biostone in the filter is produced in Korea and comes with Korean FDA certification, and finally all ingredients are put into the filter housing where sealing is achieved by using high motion heat friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals. For more details click on Biostone filter.

A Company You Can Trust:
With Jupiter Science has been making water ionizers since 1982 and before that were making medical equipment. Their research department is constantly at work looking at how to improve performance without having to increase power consumption or take up extra room with a bulky ionizing chamber. As the leading manufacturer of quality water ionizers, Jupiter has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 ionizers a month (90% of all water ionizers). Jupiter also sells more units in the USA than all the other water ionizer companies combined. You can have confidence that Jupiter's quality control, advanced research and great pricing will make your ionizer purchase a happy and trouble-free experience.

5 Year Warranty:
With a record low return rate on existing models, the Aquarius comes with a five year warranty. One of the problems that has plagued the water ionizer industry are companies that pop up and sell a few water ionizers then go out of business. Customers are left a system that needs a new filter or something that they cannot find because the company is no where to be found. You will have your choice of three repair depots in the USA should your Aquarius water ionizer needs to be fixed. We guarantee caring, ongoing support and prompt service.

Jupiter Aquarius JP-108 Water Ionizer
Product Specification

Model Numbers JP108

Input voltage

AC 120V or 240V

Input Electricity 80 Watts Only


14.5 lbs (6.5 kg)
Overall dimensions 9.75" X 5.25" X 13.25" (240 X 130 X 330 mm)
Water Inflow Pressure


Water Temperature


Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Electrolysis strength

9 Levels

Water Flow Rate

2.5-3/min (Alkaline+Acidic water)

Cleaning Device Automatic

Electrode Materials

Pure Platinum and Titanium Only
Filter Replacement

Easy Replacement Cartridge

Filter Life

Activated Carbon Filter: Approx 9 Months
(Averaging 13 Liters/Day)
Filter Life Indicator FND Indication
Filter Composition Biostone with Carbon, Tourmaline and Coral Calcium
Year Released



5 Years


The Jupiter Aquarius Water Ionizer JP108 Replacement Cartridge Filter

Any one of these filters can be used in the Jupiter Aquarius


International Shipping Information

Biostone Plus Filter Cartridge


Ultra Fine Biostone .01 Micron Filter Cartridger


UltraWater Filter - The Ultimate Filter


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Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge


Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge for Jupiter Ionizers


Faucet Diverters For Jupiter Ionizer

Metal Faucet Diverter for Jupiter Ionizer


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 Plastic Inlet & Outlet Hoses

4 foot inlet hose for Jupiter Ionizer


4 foot outlet hose for Jupiter Ionizer



Okinawan Coral Calcium Inserts

This  Calcium embedded in a removable filter is designed to assist in getting higher pH in cases where water may be low in minerals. It lasts about 1 and a half months. Two inserts per pack

Okinawan Coral Calcium Cartridge Inserts


Jupiter Scale Cleaning Inserts

This Scale Guard Inserts drop right into your ionizer's mineral port, eliminating in-line installation. The inserts are easy to use. Two inserts per pack. For more information click on Jupiter Scale Cleaning Inserts

Jupiter Scale Cleaning Cartridge Inserts


Flexible Metal Discharge Hose

Special order item


Alkaline Water pH Test Kit

Alkaline Water pH Test Kit - details



Replacement Filters | Cleaning Cartridge | Alkaline Water Ionizers

KYK Genesis 25000 Jupiter Melody IE-500 IE-400 Life Ionizer 4000 Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer  
KYK Genesis Melody IE-500 IE-400 IE-300  Chanson Violet LIFE 4000 Chanson Eden Jupiter Venus  

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