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Professional Heavy Metal Test Kit
50 or 100 Tests

heavy metal health kit

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The difference between the Quick Heavy Metal Test (HMT) and this professional HMT is that the Quick test does not identify specific heavy metals while the Professional Heavy Metal Test does. The professional kit is for health practitioners and we now have the professional tests in 50 as well as 100 units. Use these test kits in your heavy metal detoxification program in conjunction with Bio-Chelat and Acupeds for complete and comprehensive heavy metal detoxification.

50 Test Kit Package Includes: 1 Stand, 50ml pH Solution, 50ml Testsol Solution, 100 pH papers, 50 Test-Tubes(reusable), 50 Pipettes, 50 Measuring Cups, and an Instruction booklet

100 Test Kit Package Includes: 1 Stand, two 50ml pH Solution, two 50ml Testsol Solution, 200 pH papers, 100 Test-Tubes(reusable), 100 Pipettes, 100 Measuring Cups, and an Instruction booklet.

The new Heavy Metal Detoxification Assessment Test (HMDAT) is based on the dithizone reagent (known to chemical science for more than 60 years) which only measures the unbound or free metal ions. In other words, the metals that have not been neutralized by the body are screened.

In a healthy body with a functioning detoxification system or in the absence of heavy metals, there should be no free heavy metal ions found in the urine. Consequently the more unbound metal ions are found in the urine, the more the body's detoxification capacities are exhausted.

The type of metal is actually secondary, since all unbound or not neutralized metal ions are toxic to our body. They are a major source of free-radical production.

Traditional methods like hair testing or the spectrometric system don't differentiate between bound and unbound metal ions, which is very crucial in the overall assessment, since only the unbound metal ions are toxic to our body.

Heavy Metal Test Instructions

The HMT is easy to conduct and the results are not only quickly obtained but also provide a dramatic and convincing demonstration for the patient.



For the test a morning urine specimen (about 30 ml) is required which, using the two pH Solutions A and B, is calibrated to the neutral value of 7.0.

To begin with the test, place one of the dithizone treated indicator squares into a solution of Testsol, which is made from natural products.

The solution takes on a green coloration which signals phase 0 and constitutes the basis for all further tests.

If now a liquid containing heavy metals is added (urine, saliva or other aqueous solution) these heavy metals react with the dithizone and the green coloration changes.

The new coloration is compared each time with those on the coloration chart on the test tube rack. Each coloration corresponds to a specific metal (zinc, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury etc.)

Depending the amount of tested liquid is added (2,4 or 6 ml) the concentration of the respective metel can be determined. (quantity testing)

The method permits the identification and concentration of several metals with only one reagent.

Detailed instructions on how to conduct the test and how to evaluate the results are contained in a booklet and in a pictogram.

Since heavy metals contribute, with up to 80% of the causes, to all diseases, the test for heavy metal contamination has become an essential component of any initial diagnosis for anyone who has the safety of the patient at heart.

With these tests, you can determine the level of any such contamination. An ingenious and revolutionary method of making complex biochemical processes visible and of clarifying disease profiles, this test should be available in every practice. The right diagnosis is a precondition for a successful therapy and will result in a satisfied patient.


Professional Heavy Metal Kit Test Examples

A) Urine Test
heavy metal tests 1st Titration
Color change : Dark Violett : Copper
Concentration : 8-10 ppm
heavy metal tests 2nd Titration :
Color change : Pink : Zinc
Concentration : 3-5 ppm
analysis heavy metal testing 3rd Titration :
Color change : Pink
Concentration: 1-2ppm

Result: The urine contains a high concentration of free unbound copper and zinc ions. Note: The test reagent only binds to the unbound or free radical producing metal ions.

B) Water Test
analysis heavy metals testing

Left test-tube:
Color change: Pink: Zinc (3ppm)

Right test-tube: No color change. No metal present.


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heavy metal health kit

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