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Urine & Saliva
pH Test Paper
Range 5.5ph to 8.0pH
Is Your pH Balanced? Find Out By Testing

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Not only is pHydrion pH Paper made right here in the USA; it is a top quality product. This is a company that has been manufacturing in the USA since the 1930s and has not moved its manufacturing operations to China. We think you should know that. We recommend pHydrion to test for body pH as revealed in urine and saliva. This roll of pHydrion pH paper provides excellent color separation in both the acid range (below pH 7) and the alkali range (above pH 7). pHydrion is commonly used to test urine and saliva by health professionals all over the world. It offers an easy to read, single color match at every .2 to .3 interval from pH 5.5-8.0.

5.5 to 8.0 is the range you can expect urine and saliva to be at. a pH of 7 and above is alkaline and below 7 is acid. The objective is to get a alkaline reading. Each roll provides for approximately 100 tests.

Simply tear off a small strip of pH paper, dip into the test solution, then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart.

Is Your pH Balanced? Find Out By Testing

To maintain good health the body is constantly seeking to get rid of the excess acids that irritate the tissues and deplete them of minerals. One of the principal systems it uses for this purpose is the renal system (kidneys). The normal rate of acid excretion through the kidneys gives urine a pH that falls between 6.75 and 7.25. By testing the degree of acidity of the urine, you can determine whether your body is eliminating a normal quantity of acids. If the acid excretion rate is higher than normal, the urinary pH will be more acidic. This low urinary pH is also an indication that the body is saturated and therefore in an acid state. This is where Alkaline Water, Alkaline pH booster drops, and an alkaline diet comes in. 


Another indicator of the overall pH balance in your body is the pH of your saliva. When your body has the mineral reserves that it should, the abundance of minerals will show up in a saliva ph test as a pH reading of 7.0 to 7.50. A low saliva pH reading indicates that the mineral reserves in your body are low, and are being used to buffer acids elsewhere in the body.


There is a strong correlation between the pH of the body's internal environment and that of the urine and saliva: urine and saliva become acidic when the body's internal environment becomes acidic. You can discover the pH of these fluids by using pHydrion pH Paper. These pH test strips are made specifically to test saliva and urine.


The color chart has pH matches at [5.5][5.8][6.0][6.2][6.4][6.6][7.0][7.2][7.4][7.6][8.0]

SALIVA Test:  Take a saliva reading before and after meals.  The alkaline levels of your saliva should be greater after meals because there is an abundance of alkaline-rich minerals in saliva. Then test your saliva 60 minutes after a meal.  If the pH level is lower than 6.75, then your alkaline mineral reserves are low. 

URINE Test:  For best test results, test your second urination in the morning. You will likely see urine pH become more alkaline as the day progresses. Test frequently during the day, and determine an average.

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pH Test Paper
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