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Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer

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You've been asking for it for a long time and finally we're proud to announce the arrival of the world's first Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer! What does that mean for you? Flexibility. You now have a water ionizer that can connect directly to your faucet or cold water line like a standard water ionizer or you can pour water directly inside it!

Think of the possibilities! Think of the freedom!

It's portable and light weight! You can take it virtually anywhere -- to your office, your RV, on vacation, to grandma's house... No more trying to lug around big, bulky water ionizers. No more clumsy installations. Just perfect water anywhere you go.

It's powerful! 200 watts and four slotted platinum titanium plates makes it more powerful than most water ionizers on the market! This enables you to get up to 10.5 pH.

It's stylish! A water ionizer that looks good! You'll be proud to take the Hybrid with you and show it to your friends and neighbors.

Six pH settings! Three alkaline and three acid settings give you everything from strong alkaline water for cooking and making your coffee to strong acid water to disinfect your countertop, sponges, and toothbrushes. And of course it makes the perfect drinking water at a 9.5 pH and -300 ORP!

Powerful Antioxidants! The Hybrid can ionize the water up to -300 ORP! So you're not sacrificing any antioxidant power by going portable.

Multistage Filtration! The Hybrid comes with its own internal multistage activated carbon filter, so your water is clean and pure.

Warranty! 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

How it works:

1.Just fill the top container with tap water to the water level line.

2.Select the pH that you want. For drinking water, select “m” for medium.

3.Put a cup on the cup pedestal on the right.

4.Press the water flow “on” button.

5.When the alkaline water dispenses into your cup, the acidic water will collect in the bottom tank.

6.When your cup is full, release the water flow “on” button.

7.Drink and enjoy!

8.Use the acidic water on your skin, your plants, on your countertop, etc.

So simple!

The other way to use the Hybrid is to connect it to your faucet or undersink cold water line using the provided water diverter valve. A second line will drain the acid water into your sink instead of collecting it in the bottom tank, so it functions exactly like a traditional countertop water ionizer.

The Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer Main Features:


•When you pour water into the top tank, the Hybrid uses its own activated carbon filter to remove 99.9% of the impurities from your water.

•When you hook it up to your tap, it uses a sophisticated filter box that you can customize with the filters you need to treat your tap water.


•The Hybrid's design and white and silver coloring is inspired by European design, making it more attractive than the average water ionizer.

Acid Water
•The Hybrid has a separate container for collecting acid water, so it's easy to use on your plants, your countertops, your sponges, or anything else in need of sterilization. SMPS

•The Hybrid uses the efficient SMPS electrical system, reducing heat and increasing the lifespan of the components.

It's only $895! Because of our company's long history distributing water ionizers, our relationships with water ionizer designers and manufacturers, and our purchasing power -- we were able to get this water ionizer at the right price. So, that means YOU SAVE!! This is less than HALF the cost of most water ionizers and it does everything they can do and MORE!

Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer


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