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Hanna Instruments
HI 98201 ORP Test Meter


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After consultation with Hanna Instruments who performed field testing as well as our own testing we have decided to switch from the HI98120 to the HI98201. When cleaned with the HI9071 reducing solution the HI98201 provides accurate and consistent ORP measurements in the negative ranges. You can also use the reducing solution with other Hanna ORP meters as well. In the testing that we performed we used a small amount of the reducing solution enough to immerse the electrode and the HI98201 was ready to test. We definitely recommend this model for anyone wanting to check the ORP level of alkaline water.

Oxidation is a process by which a molecule or ion loses electrons. This occurs most readily in water treatment as well as pool and spa maintenance where an oxidizer, such as chlorine, is added to the water to destroy contaminants. The higher the ORP value, the greater the sanitizing power of your water. HI 98201 ORP tester can provide a valuable indication of water quality.

HI 98201 ORP is a unique hand-held tester developed for quick and affordable tests. This tester utilizes a platinum electrode and HANNAź' unique renewable cloth fiber junction, that can be pulled out when clogging occurs, reactivating the reference and restoring the electrode. For more information click on HI 98201 Manual


Range ORP   ±999 mV
Resolution ORP   1 mV
Accuracy   ±5 mV
Resolution Temp   4 x 1.5V / approx. 700 hours of continuous use
Environment   0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
Dimensions   175 x 41 x 23 mm (6.9 x 1.6 x 0.9")
Weight   95 g (3.4 oz.)
Electrode   HI 73120 (included)
Hanna Instruments HI98201 ORP Test Meter

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Hanna Instruments ORP Test Meter


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